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Indoor/Outdoor Starlight  Full Spectrum PTZ The Spectrum-22 is an Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera that has two types of lighting – Infrared and also White Light. At night, when the camera is not zoomed in, the White Lights are on. As you zoom in, they grow in intensity, then after about halfway (around 90-100 feet), the Infrared Lights kick on, and the White […]

Sentinel-IR 4K

Sentinel-IR 4K The Sentinel-IR 4K IP Moto-Dome from Enviro Cams is an 8 Megapixel Infrared Network Camera with a Motorized 2.8-12mm Auto-Focus Zoom Lens. One unique feature of this camera is that the Infrared Lamps are hidden. You won’t be able to tell that this is an Infrared camera. Yet the Powerful Hidden Lamps can throw IR […]

Stainless Steel Rugged Dome Camera

We make the toughest IP Stainless Steel Dome Camera in the industry at an affordable price. The Rugged Dome IP camera is made of high-quality 316-grade stainless steel to withstand almost any challenging or extreme environment. These stainless body cameras are rust and germ resistant, as well as salt water friendly. We have improved these great cameras […]

PTZ-4K-22 – 4K PTZ Camera

Indoor/OutdoorNetwork PTZ – in 4K Resolution The PTZ-4K-22 is a 12 Megapixel Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera that is one of only a handful of 4K PTZ Cameras available – ANYWHERE! The Huge Infrared LED Lamps onboard this awesome 4K PTZ, are Intensity-Controlled Smart IP Lamps. They can throw out light as far as 800 feet! Smart IR, which controls the […]

Panoramic – 4K

Panoramic – 4K The Panoramic – 4K Fisheye Camera has been around for a while and has already gone through several upgrades and updates. For the first time, we can now offer this excellent E-PTZ camera at a great price. As you may know, these Panoramic Cameras can replace 4-6 regular cameras, especially in single room applications. […]

Outpost-10X 2 Megapixel Starlight Infrared Bullet Camera

We have the IP bullet camera that can go the distance you need.  The Outpost-10X Camera has a long Lens (10 times zoom), with Electric Zoom, so when you need to see hundreds of feet, like out to a gate, for example, the Outpost is perfect for it. This Starlight Infrared Camera also has WDR (Wide Dynamic […]

N-Range – 4K

8 Megapixel Motorized Lens Infrared Bullet Camera The N-Range 8MP (4K) IR IP Bullet Camera from Enviro Cams is an even better improvement to an already awesome bullet camera. This rough and tumble Network camera is great for indoor use, but it is also IP67 Weatherproof for the harshest outdoor locations – AND – it is IK10 […]


2 Megapixel Motorized Lens Infrared Bullet Camera The N-Range 2MP (1080p) Infrared Network Bullet Camera from Enviro Cams is an all-around workhorse for almost any location you decide to mount it at. This rough and tumble Network camera is great for indoor use, but it is also IP67 Weatherproof for the harshest outdoor locations – AND – it is […]

IP Explosion Proof Mini Stainless Steel Stronghold Camera

Our newest Explosion-Proof Mini IP Camera is ATEX Certified and can be used for monitoring processes, small spaces, mobile transport (propane, chemicals, etc.), and dusty environments. It is a small volume, lightweight, and is designed to meet the transport of dangerous goods, blast testing, and other volatile situations. This Ex-Proof Camera is rated: ATEX II 2G Ex […]