Marine Camera Systems

EnviroCams has been a leader in Marine Camera Systems since 1993. Our cameras were designed and built to not only work but thrive in the most rugged environments.

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Saltwater or Freshwater Cameras

We have the camera system you need whether it be for for freshwater vessels or for saltwater vessels. Our Stainless Steel line of cameras provide you the rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and water proof performance you’ve been looking for.

Engine Rooms

Our rugged mobile camera systems help you keep a close eye on critical systems and environments like engine rooms.

On Deck

A Marine Camera System from RuggedCams can stand the test of time and take whatever mother nature can throw at you. Trust me, our systems are tough enough for the most extreme adventures!

Sig Hansen Outfits the Northwestern with  one of our Systems

If you need proof of EnviroCams abilities then look no further than the fact that Sig Hansen outfits the Northwestern with our Marine Cameras. You will be hard-pressed to find a more rugged environment than the Bering Sea!

Monitoring and Recording

Our systems don’t just give you eyes on your engine room, decks, and cabins but you can also record everything that happens on your vessel. Our boat camera systems give you all the bells and whistles that you will find in any state of the art surveillance system you’d fine on shore.

Whether you need to monitor the Stern during docking or towing operations, or to monitor the Engine Room at all times, Rugged Marine makes the best Infrared or White Light Monitoring cameras that will survive in harsh sea conditions..

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