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Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras with WiFi Recorder Access

Outdoor IP System for Documenting Vehicular Traffic Entering/Exiting Subdivisions, Remote Sites, Gated Entries, Lots and other Non-Manned Sites.

DIY Kitsthis is when you already have a pole or poles, or even a building to mount the system to. Your wiring will not be hidden if pole mounting, but this may be the easiest install for you.  (Our Pre-Built systems pre-mounted on poles do not have any exposed wiring.)

Pre-Built Factory Kits on Pole(s) – We pre-build and wire all cameras and the Outdoor NVR System on a pole or poles.  All wires are hidden and protected.  These poles are very easy to install as they are designed to be buried in a 3′ deep hole (just add concrete).  A Power Junction box is supplied at ground level.

 (NOTE: All pre-built systems come standard built on a 9 foot (5 inch square) white or Dark Bronze pole (6 feet above ground and 3 feet buried). These poles are made by Strong Poles.  If you need a higher pole, add $39 per foot.)

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