Enviro Cams is reinventing the IP Industry by introducing IP Cameras with some amazing abilities.  Here are just a few:

  • UL Listed Cameras and NVR’s
  • Long Distance – at least 820 feet on normal CAT5 or Cat6, for audio, video and power  (PTZ’s need to be powered closer to the camera)
  • Plug-N-Play – gone are the hours of connecting to each camera with a computer, setting the address, then mapping that address to the NVR.  Simply plug in an Enviro Cams camera – and within a minute you have video.  It is all done automatically.
  • All cameras are weatherproof to IP67 ratings.  So any weather you encounter is OK.
  • Each camera is rated to withstand temperatures down to -40 below zero, and more than +140 above.