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4K Micron-IR: Small Camera - Big Results

SMALL DOME SECURITY CAMERA Micron-IR 8 Megapixel (4K) Pocket-Dome   The Micron-IR IP Pocket-Dome Camera from Enviro Cams is an 8 Megapixel (4K) Infrared Network Small Dome Security Camera that can throw out IR Light up to 100′ on a Moonless Night. The IP 4K dome camera is a great tool to fight against crime in the daytime and night.  The 2.8mm […]

Complete Entrance Camera Systems

Entrance Security Camera System

Entrance Guard System the Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras System with WiFi Recorder Access Know when they come and when they go with the Entrance Guard System. Get your Entrance Guard today! This September 2021, you can take 10% off any Entrance Guard System with the coupon code ENTRGRD10.   Entrance Guard – Complete […]

PTZ Controlled Bullet Camera

PTZ Controlled Bullet Camera

i-Patrol: PTZ Bullet Camera Our security cameras do not look like an owl, but we have an IP Bullet Camera that is actually a Pan Tilt Zoom camera. Meet the i-Patrol PTZ Bullet Camera, which has all the features of a pan tilt zoom camera but is a bullet camera with a bullet camera price to go with […]

Take Command

indoor outdoor ptz seucirty camera

Indoor Outdoor PTZ Security Camera The Commander-30 Infrared Starlight PTZ Helps You Take Command The Commander-30 Infrared Starlight Pan Tilt Zoom camera is built for long distances. Use this IP PTZ camera inside or outside; you will not miss a thing. We sell to customers who are installing this PTZ on commercial properties or farms and ranches, used at […]

Small Camera with Big Value

compact security camera

Bantam-4M Compact Security Camera 4 Megapixel Compact Infrared Bullet with Microphone This little Compact Infrared Bullet IP Camera from EnviroCams is so tiny that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The camera body itself is only 3-1/2″ long, and the whole thing, mount included, is only a little over 6 inches long. However, […]

Intercom Doorbell for Business

intercom doorbell

How about answering the door and seeing who is there without being at the door? Here at EnvrioCams, that is what we have done by using our VIDCOMM doorbell intercom system. We have installed one of these at our delivery door to see who is at the door and talk to them through the computer […]

Top Mast-30X PTZ Security Camera

PTZ security camera

The Mobile or Stationary Starlight IP Pan Tilt Zoom Camera We call ourselves EnvioCams because of IP Pan Tilt Zoom cameras like this one, the Top Mast-30X. Ready to take on the roughness of Mobile applications or the harshness of any weather you want to throw at it. That is why lots of storm chasers are making the […]

Preventing Theft In Cold Storage Facilities

Preventing Theft in Cold Stroage Facilities

Thefts are everywhere, and you have to keep an eye on everything…but have you thought about preventing theft in cold storage facilities, freezers or refrigerator? Your freezer or refrigerator could fall victim to thefts. Here at EnviroCams, we have put together several complete IP Freezer Camera Package. The best part of the IP freezer camera […]

Top Freezer Cameras for Large and Small Spaces

Freezer Cold Storage Cameras

As you may know, our factory is in Texas, which can get pretty hot in July, so to help cool off, we will talk about IP Freezer Cameras today. We have a full line IP network PTZ, Bullet, and Dome Cameras designed to survive in -40 below zero temperatures. Cold Storage and Freezer Facilities are […]