Monthly Archives: August 2019

Are you looking for a higher resolution in an IP security camera?

Let us introduce you to 4K Resolution IP Security Cameras. We carry several in stock, the PTZ-4K-22 (yes a Pan Tilt Zoom camera in 4K), the Panoramic 4K dome, Occulus-4K MotoDome, Sentinel-IR 4K Moto-Dome, and the N-Range-4k Bullet. The pan-tilt-zoom IP 4K camera is the PTZ-4K-22 is a 12 Megapixel Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera that is […]

4 & 8 Channel POE Switches in Weatherproof Cabinets

With the advancements of the IP security camera systems and being able to run our systems wireless. Customers needed an Outdoor POE Switch that is truly in a rainproof housing. We have two choices in the Outdoor POE switch a four-channel and an eight-channel in a weatherproof cabinet. These unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switches are designed […]

Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras with WiFi Recorder Access

We have designed a system for those places that are unmanned sites like entering/exiting subdivisions, remote locations, & gated entries. These license tag capture systems are prebuilt and wire all cameras and the Outdoor NVR System on a pole or poles. All cables are hidden and protected. These poles are very easy to install as […]

N-Spex Vehicle Damage Inspection System

Do you own one of these facilities? Car Wash Operators, Auto Service Centers, Auto Dealerships, Parking Lots, Rental Car Return Inspections, Valet Service Business, or Government and Military Operations. Are you paying thousands of dollars per year in damage claims? We have the product you need to install today. N-SPEX MEGA STIX IP Vehicle Damage […]