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Infrared, White Light, and Starlight sensors all in one Pan Tilt Zoom Camera.

Spectrum 22 | EnviroCams

The Spectrum-22 IP PTZ camera is made for night time surveillance, with three ways to light up the night: Infrared, White Light, and Starlight. You should not miss a thing. At night, when the camera is not zoomed in, the White Lights are on. As you zoom in, they grow in intensity, then after about […]

The RuggedDome-IP-MZ camera is made for EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS.

IP SST Dome Camera | EnviroCams

When you have a challenging or extreme environment, you have to have an IP camera dome that can handle that environment. The RuggedDome-IP-MZ camera is the camera made for those types of situations. These stainless body cameras are rust and germ resistant, as well as saltwater friendly. Examples of challenging and extreme environment can be […]

128 Channel Network Video Recorder……..go BIG or go home.

128ch NVR | EnviroCams

128 ch. NVR A Network Video Recorder is a specialized computer system that includes a software program that records video in a digital format to a hard drive used for monitoring and archiving security camera footage from one or more security cameras and has a separate input for each camera that it handles. This NVR […]