Case Studies – Security Camera Systems to Fit Your Application

Security Camera Systems for Retail Stores & Shops

Retail Stores and Shops are very much a breed of their own because most shops must rely on outside help to run efficiently. This could be due to hours the store must be open or number of stores you have open. Even number of locations you have in different towns, cities, states, etc. Relying on others and releasing the control you have over the interactions between your shop and customers is a hard step to make. But you want to retain as much control as you can over where your money is sitting and where it could be disappearing to (Inventory shrinkage, shoplifting, unauthorized discounts, employee theft, check fraud, etc). Statistics you want to know before we get started.   Buckle up, kiddies, this is going to be a bumpy ride…

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How daycare owners are increasing enrollment with better security & monitoring

The day care business isn’t all that different now than what it was 20 years ago, other than two factors which are unfortunately making it harder and harder to be competitive in a highly oversaturated market. There are MANY more day care facilities available to choose from these days. Not just the corporate giants spread across the country, but also in-home day care providers and non-profit day care facilities as well. There are also MANY more children placed in day cares these days because a large percentage of both parents now work full time. For day care providers across the nation, they must find ways to market to and attract parents to their facility…

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Security Camera Systems for marijuana farms and dispensaries

Medical and legal marijuana growers, handlers and dispensaries, in all applicable states, are required to follow certain security requirements to be in compliance of their marijuana license. These requirements include identification badges, alarm systems, surveillance systems, traceability of products from start to finish and start up inventory. Today we are going to focus on the surveillance system requirements for most states.

There are even more requirements for some states, such as simultaneous on-site and cloud based off-site recording in case the Network Video Recorder is stolen…

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Manufacturing Plants & warehouses

I hope you’re sitting down for this. Theft can cost warehousers, shippers and manufacturers upwards of $115 billion every year. Billions. That’s right. Billions. This number includes product theft, fraud (false damage claims, false shipping counts and inventory). But this can also carry indirect costs most people don’t think about such as much higher insurance premiums, personnel turnover and increased training costs for that replacement personnel, and decreased customer satisfaction due to inventory issues just to name a few issues. Cargo theft is a huge concern for many businesses. In the US along product just in transit is another $110 billion annually. Freight yards and warehouses are the two primary theft points where …


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