Occulus Moto-Dome 4K IP Security Camera

The Occulus 4K IP camera is our most popular camera. Now that we make it in a 4K Resolution model, it is sure to be even more popular.

Integrators and End Users alike have Loved this camera from day one for its many features, and now it can deliver an even higher resolution. 

Smart Analytics

This intelligent IP camera also uses Smart Analytics to determine when someone is in an area they shouldn’t be. This is accomplished via one of the built-in Behavior Detection features, such as Intrusion DetectionLine Crossing, or Motion Detection features.

Other Smart Features include Intelligent Identification, such as Face Detection (not to be confused with Facial Recognition), which can not only detect faces but saves them and can line them up as if in a Police lineup, so that you can review the visitors for a particular time and replay the associated footage of them in it.Defocus, or Camera Tampering,is another Identification feature. If an intruder tries to put something in from to of the camera or perhaps spray the lens with something, the camera detects it, and the NVR will start alarming.

Scene Change is another Identification feature. This can alert you if something in the scene should change, an expensive laptop is missing, or if a high-value item is no longer on the shelf.

The other Smart Analytics Feature is People Counting. This feature can count people coming in a door, leaving an area, or both—a great way to keep a count on your daily or weekly shoppers or visitors.

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

The Occulus Moto-Dome Camera operates on POE (IEEE802.3af), or 12V DC (both inputs provided), and normally only pulls 3-4 watts during the day. Still, at night with the Infrared Lamps on and the motorized Zoom lens operating, it can pull a max of 8.16 watts.

This camera is programmed to use POE voltage as a preference automatically, so if the POE fails or the line is cut, the Dome switches over to 12V DC quickly without any blip or glitch. Then, if installed, it will start recording to the optional SD Card, and when the POE line is restored, the camera will automatically download its recordings and place them in the correct date/time place in the archives.

For more information on the 4K IP dome camera, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free 866-264-0041 or stop by our website at envirocams.com