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Wireless package upgrades for NVR

We offer two different Wireless Kits for the¬†Outdoor Wireless IP Transceivers, one system is set up for eight cameras to one location (NVR) and the second is a set up for four cameras to one location (NVR).¬† The 8-2Wireless-Kit has a trio (3) of Wireless Transceivers, plus two 4 Channel Outdoor POE Switches, that are […]

We are going to show you how to go wireless.

PoE Wireless Transceivers | EnviroCams

The Outdoor Wireless IP Transceivers are made for IP Camera Security Systems. There are three models, the Mid-Range Wireless, the Long-Range Wireless, and the Long-Range High Bandwidth Wireless. All broadcasting in the 5.8Ghz band, and not 2.4Ghz frequencies that so many other devices do, so you should not have any trouble or interference, no matter […]