Top Freezer Cameras for Large & Small Spaces

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As you may know, our factory is in Texas, which can get pretty hot in July, so to help cool off, we will talk about IP Freezer Cameras today. We have a full line IP network PTZ, Bullet, and Dome Cameras designed to survive in -40 below zero temperatures. Cold Storage and Freezer Facilities are some of the most challenging environments we serve and navigate the many challenges associated with frigid temperatures. So to help you choose the right cameras for you here are the top freezer and cold storage cameras for large and small spaces.



The Scout Pan Tilt Zoom camera


The Scout is our lowest cost Pan Tilt Zoom camera but is full of high end features. It is great for those tremendous big warehouse freezers with its full 360 degrees pan, auto-reversing tilt, and motorized 22x zoom, you will not miss a thing. This low cost PTZ is rated to -40 degrees below zero, and 149 above.  It also can operate in our Exclusive “Extended Mode” out to 820 feet away from the NVR or switch. You can program up to 1024 Preset Positions, and can also be programmed to perform a Preset Patrol Route, and a Recorded Patrol sequence.



N-Range 4K Bullet security camera

N-Range 4K and N-Range 

One of the best features of this IP network camera, is the Motorized Varifocal Lens. This 2.8-12mm Zoom Lens gives you a 90 degree wide picture when zoomed out – then zooms all the way in to a 28 degree wide picture. This makes it extremely easy and fast to fine-tune your scene, no matter where you mount this camera.The N-Range IP Bullet cameras are excellent for large areas where maybe you have a problem with the frozen items walking off; use the motorized variable focal length lens that is 2.8 – 12mm zoom lens. Although this camera does not have a built in microphone it does have oudio Input & Audio Output wires to support  Two-Way Audio.  This feature will allow you to talk to someone at the camera end by adding a powered speaker and microphone.





This little Compact Infrared Bullet Camera from Enviro Cams is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The camera body itself is only 3-1/2” long, and the whole thing, mount included, is only a little over 6 inches long. However, don’t let the small size fool you. This compact bullet packs a punch! The Bantam-4M is a 4 Megapixel (2K) Compact Bullet Camera with a built-in microphone. It not only gives you excellent High Definition Video Indoors or Outdoors, but also picks up audio very well.This compact IP bullet camera will help keep an eye on who comes in and out of the freezer with a fixed 4mm wide-angle lens; it is best used within 10 to 12ft of the area that it is monitoring.






Sentinel IR 4K dome camera

Sentinel-IR 4K and Sentinel-IR

The Sentinel Camera It is hardened for outdoor use but works great indoors as well outdoors. For example, this dome camera is not only IP67 Weatherproof Rated for outdoor use in any weather, but is also IK10 Vandal-Resistant Rated. This means that this camera has been tested with the equivalent of a sledgehammer weighing more than 11 pounds – being dropped onto the dome from about 18” – with no damage. In addition to that and possible importantly for freezer and cold storage purposes, the fact that this camera is rated down to -40 below, and +140 (F), you have a camera that is ready for anything you can throw at it!



Occulus 4K IR infrared Camera with motorized lens

Occulus Moto-Dome 4K and Occulus Moto-Dome

The Occulus is one of our most popular security cameras for freezer and cold storage installations and general use business security camera applications. It really is a workhorse of a security camera! The Occulus has automatic Day/Night functionality with an IR Cut Filter and a low light changeover (at 0.02 Lux). The camera uses Intelligent Metering to constantly gauge the available light and picture darkness to set all of the lighting parameters, such as; Brightness, Backlight Compensation, etc., and sets them in milliseconds to always deliver the best possible picture under all lighting conditions. Another great feature to the Occulus is that it has a built in microphone allowing you to capture great video and audio!



Micron 4K IR Dome Camera

Micron-IR 4K and Micron-IR

The Micron is often called the “pocket dome camera” because it really is the smallest dome security camera we offer. Like the Occulus, the Micron is one of our more popular business security cameras. This is do to its small size and versatility. This camera can be utilized almost anywhere. With a temprature range rated down to -35below, and +140 (F), and you have a camera that is ready for anything you can throw at it. The 2.8mm Fixed Lens is Super Wide (90 degrees), and is best used where the area being watched is close. For example, when watching a door entry or exit – the area that will be in best focus is approximately 8-12 feet out. Anything farther out still looks great, but the best focus is within that 8-12 feet.



We know that choosing the right camera for your business can be daunting. There are so many options and so many things to consider. That’s why we are here! We love to help our customers choose only the best and only the essentials needed for your application. We won’t up-sale you cameras you don’t need. We offer you a completely free system design that outlines everything you need. For more information on the IP Freezer Cameras, or to start your free system design contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-264-0041.