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Occulus 4K

$649.00 – $825.00


$369.00 – $545.00

Sentinel 4K

$625.00 – $801.00


$389.00 – $565.00

Micron 4K

$279.00 – $354.00


$279.00 – $354.00

N-Range 4K

$623.00 – $776.00


$359.00 – $512.00


$259.00 – $294.00


$805.00 – $904.00

True Sub-Zero Cameras

-40 Bellow!

EviroCams has had more than 20 years of experience making Security Cameras for Freezers and Cold Storage Warehouses. So yah, you could say it’s in our blood. Cold Storage and Freezer Facilities are one of the most challenging environments we serve. We have learned, over the years, not only how to design cameras that will survive in such low temperatures, but also how to navigate around the many challenges associated with very cold temperatures.

EnviroCams Manufactures Cold Storage and Freezer Cameras, and other types of Harsh Environment Cameras, for facilities and freezing environments all over the world. All of the cameras listed above can withstand temperatures down to -40º below zero. Our IP Cameras will work with ANY IP recorders or switches.


When Safety and Security MatterDon’t Let Sub-Zero Temps Stand In Your Way!

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