Super Zoom-44 is NOT a Short Distance Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

Long Range Zoom IP PTZ Security Camera

We design the Super Zoom-44 Long Range Pan Tilt Zoom camera for that place where you need to see long distances away, like indoor in more extensive, open spaces (freezer warehouses, plant floor environments), or outside at a gate, driveway, restricted areas, or building entrances.

This PTZ has the biggest lens than any other production PTZ that we know of. The Super Zoom-44 is a 2 megapixel indoor/outdoor starlight with also powerful infrared lamps. This Motorized Zoom Lens (an incredible 5mm to 220mm), is intended to see people, vehicles and other items of interest at a great distance. Notice that the lens starts at 5mm. This is not the widest angle and is intended to zoom down fence lines, all the way across a warehouse, out to a gate or perimeter fence, or to zoom in really close on processes or machinery. The view starts at about 61 degrees wide, then zooms in to only 1.8 degrees wide. So that should give you a pretty clear picture of what this camera is designed to do. It’s made for Zooming in to see detail at greater distances than most PTZ cameras (Digital Zoom can also be turned on).

The Huge Infrared LED Lamps onboard this mammoth PTZ (it is very large – weighs in at nearly 25 pounds), have to be massive to be able to keep up with that massive lens. And boy can they throw out light – to as far as 800 feet! (or – in Starlight Mode – can turn off the Infra-reds and go stealth!)

The Super Zoom-44, IP PTZ camera, has lots of great features and to find out more about them call one of our Design Engineers at EnviroCams toll-free at 866-264-0041 or stop by our website.