Infared, White Light & Starlight Sensors - in One Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

Spectrum 22 | EnviroCams

The Spectrum-22 IP PTZ camera is made for night time surveillance, with three ways to light up the night: Infrared, White Light, and Starlight. You should not miss a thing.

At night, when the camera is not zoomed in, the White Lights are on. As you zoom in, they grow in intensity, then after about halfway (around 90-100 feet), the Infrared Lights (up to 650 feet IR distance) kick on and the White Lights turn off. The Spectrum-22 is also a Starlight Camera; it can really pull in details under longer distances where the Infrared Lamps may no longer be very strong. The light-gathering Starlight Sensor doesn’t need much light to deliver a color picture, and if the light is too low to produce a color image, the camera will switch to black & white.

This PTZ Camera delivers 1080p resolution at 30fps, with a 22x Motorized Zoom lens (6.5mm to 143mm) and can provide a sharply focused image very quickly intended to see people, vehicles and other items of interest at a distance.

This PTZ can have as many as 256 Preset positions, can run Patrols, Routes, or even learn a patrol based on where you have directed with the controls. It remembers your inputs and saves them. It also has a Home position that it will return to after a time you have set.

This IP camera is outdoor rated (IP66) down to -40 below and +158 (F). With the feature of intelligent temperature control (fans control the temperature of the PTZ) and the innovative snow removal technology (heats up the lens and lamp areas to melt ice and snow).

We have listed just a few of the great features this IP PTZ camera has, to find out more about the Spectrum-22, contact one of our Sales Engineers here at EnviroCams toll-free 866-264-0041 or stop by our website.