Change Over to an IP Camera System with our 24 Channel Hybrid NVR

24 Channel Hybrid NVR (part # EC-NVR224HY)
24 Channel Hybrid NVR (part # EC-NVR224HY)

Looking for a way to change your analog camera system over to an IP system without a great expense. Check out our 24 Channel Hybrid NVR with 16 Channel Analog/TVI and 8 Channel IP. Change over cameras as need and not all at once. 

The 224 in the part number refers to the series, and the first number refers to how many hard drives the unit can hold, and the last two numerals denote how many channels or cameras it can accommodate. 

The automatic Plug-N-Play feature works with our cameras, plugs the camera in, and gets video with no setting up an IP address; another benefit of using our cameras is the extended distance for audio/video/power the cameras at least 820 feet over Cat5/6. The Hybrid NVR is ONVIF conformance meaning 3rd party camera and most VMS platforms are supported and compatible. 

One of the unique features is the options you have for recording video like full time, motion base, alarm, event, time, or schedule base. You can remotely view and control everything via VMS (desktop) and smart device app (droid, iPhone, & tablets) – all remote software provide free. Encrypted and enhanced protection against cyber-attack. One button firmware upgrade with unlimited Tech Support for the life of the system. (24-hour video support library and weekday phone support available) 

For more information on the 24 Channel Hybrid NVR, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-264-0041 or stop by our website at