Long Distance, High Power POE (Power Over Ethernet) Switches

24ch front
24 Channel PoE Switch

What is a PoE switch? A device that allows on-network communication with Power over Ethernet using a one network cable for easy installation of the IP camera security systems. With a PoE switch, you only run one network cable for video and power, not two cables.

Here are some specifications on our PoE switch we have in stock and ready to ship.

These POE Switches come in the following models: 4 port, 8 Port, 16 Port, and 24 Ports with Long Distance, Maximum Watts, and 2 Gigabit performance. They even have a Fiber port that also delivers a Gigabit stream. These switched have now been optimized to carry High Megapixel, High Bandwidth IP Cameras and effortlessly accommodate multi-camera Wireless AP equipment and the capability to handle a total of 2 Gigabits of Data.

These robust un-managed IP switches can automatically detect the correct wattage standard and deliver either 15 watts per output or 30 watts per output, based on what each camera or device needs.

On the front of all switches but the 16 port, there is a 3-position switch; the switch will allow you to set for the environment and equipment you need. The three settings are:

  • N- Normal Mode: distance is normal
  • S- SUPM Mode: Long Distance operation (up to 250 meters when using CAT6 or higher cable).
  • VLAN mode, where the ports cannot communicate with each other.

The Gigabit Uplink Port can work with Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber.

The 16 and the 24 channel units come with rack-mountable ears.

For more information on the Long Distance-High Power-PoE Switch, contact one of the Design Engineers toll-free at 866-264-0041 or stop by our website at envirocams.com.