Wireless Kits for Multi-location IP Camera Systems

Let’s talk wireless kits for the IP camera systems; one system is eight cameras at two locations or four cameras to one location. Each kit is set-up for a mid-range distance of 100ft to 6500ft. The bandwidth of 40-50MBPS, line of sight panel to panel is a requirement, and 4K capable. 

Wireless Kit – Up to 8 Cameras at 2 Locations (part# ECW-8to1Kit)

This kit has a trio of Wireless Transceivers, plus two four Channel Outdoor POE Switches, that are configured for connecting up to four cameras to each of the two Wireless Panels (four-camera is about the practical limit for each panel). The third panel will be close to the NVR location and will receive the signal from both transmitting panels (as long as the two transmitting panels are within sixty degrees of the NVR receiving panel). 

Wireless Kit – Up to 4 Cameras at one location (part# ECW-4to1Kit)

This kit has a pair of Wireless Transceivers, plus a four Channel Outdoor POE Switch, that is configured for connecting up to four cameras to the Wireless Panel (four cameras is about the practical limit for one panel). 

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