See The Entire Room with One Camera - Panoramic 4k IP Dome Camera

4K IP Dome Camera | EnviroCams

Why have 4 – 6 cameras in a single room when you can have the Panoramic- 4K IP dome camera. Like our other IP cameras, this camera can go up to 820 feet on CAT5e cable with video, audio, and power. The Panoramic is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for authentic 2-way communication.

This fantastic Panoramic – 4K Camera not only can support resolutions up to 4000 x 3000 pixels (12 Megapixel Resolution) but also supports up to 10 display modes in total. It can even break out into multiple camera views as well.

Here are the different views this camera offers:

  • Ceiling Mount and desktop mount  – 7 Viewing Modes
  • Original Image (Fish-eye or round image only)
  • 360-degree Fish-eye + 1 PTZ View
  • 180-degree mode (two 180 degree views – on on top of the other)
  • Fish-eye and 3 PTZ Views
  • Fish-eye and 4 PTZ Views
  • 360-degree Panoramic View + 6 PTZ View (Panoramic is a full-screen     partial view and de-warped)
  • Fish-eye and 8 PTZ Views
  • Wall Mount – 5 Viewing Modes
  • Original Image (Fish-eye or round image only)
  • Panoramic (full-screen partial view and de-warped)
  • Panoramic and 3 PTZ Views
  • Panoramic and 4 PTZ Views
  • Panoramic and 8 PTZ Views

Keep in mind – all of the modes can be manipulated by using your mouse, dragged, and panned/tilted to suit your tastes or needs.  When managing any of the views or PTZ views, you will always see a shape, shown in the original Fish-eye view, of exactly where in the entire picture – you are currently viewing.

To learn about more ways to use this fish-eye dome camera, please contact one of our Design Engineers here at EnviroCams toll-free 866-264-0041 or stop by our website.