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128 ch. NVR

A Network Video Recorder is a specialized computer system that includes a software program that records video in a digital format to a hard drive used for monitoring and archiving security camera footage from one or more security cameras and has a separate input for each camera that it handles. This NVR is a 128 Channel NVR, which is referred to as the “16128” series. The first two numbers refer to how many hard drives the unit can hold, and the last three numbers denote how many channels, or cameras it can accommodate. This NVR is made for a gigantic facility, factory, or any large property to accommodate lots of cameras.

The NVRs, along with our cameras, have the ability for extended-distance of 820 feet for audio, video, and power over Cat5e or Cat6. So no worries for those cameras at gates or other spots with great distance away from your NVR.

The plug-n-play feature makes installing a snap, no setting of IP address, plug in your camera, and within seconds you have a picture.

Our NVRs are encrypted and have enhanced protection against cyber-attacks, giving the user the peace of mind to use the remote viewing and control of cameras via Guard Station (PC or laptop), and Guard Viewer (phone or tablets), from anywhere in the world, not only live view but you can obtain archived footage.  


Three Year Warranty – on every NVR we offer – including the hard drives with unlimited Tech Support. With every NVR you will get a USB drive with a whole host of video from the manual, NVR set up and customizing video, remote viewing setup video, to cables and connectors support videos and lots more.

We make it simple and easy. Most settings are pre-configured so that your NVR will operate how you need right out of the box. For more information on all our NVRs (4ch, 8ch, 16ch, 32ch, 64ch, & 128ch) stop by our website or call us here at EnviroCams toll-free 866-264-0041.