I-Patrol IP PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Bullet Camera

Wow! An affordable PTZ Camera!

This tough little IP Bullet Camera is hiding a fantastic ability. It is actually a PTZ Camera, but you would never know just by looking at it.

Thanks to small high-quality Italian Stepper Motors (with an accuracy to 0.1 degrees), this camera doesn’t look any different from most other Bullet Cameras.

But Watch Out!

This camera can turn 250 degrees and can go 50 degrees up and 50 degrees down (100 degrees total). Try twisting your head around 250 degrees. It’s difficult. That’s why this camera works well on corners and down hallways as well. (Pan Speed is up to 30 degrees per second, and Tilt Speed is up to 10 degrees per second).

It controls just like any PTZ – On-Screen Controls can be manipulated by your mouse (with any Enviro Cams NVR), or even by your phone or tablet (and can move in any direction – wherever you point the mouse – it goes!). PLUS – programmable Patrol patterns and up to 400 Preset positions.

What an affordable way to take a look around when you need to see more than normal. Imagine how many cameras this could replace!

That’s why we sell more i-Patrol Cameras than any other Bullet!

The i-Patrol has other outstanding features as well:

  • Programmable Preset positions and Patrol tours – just like any other PTZ camera (up to 16 Patrols and up to 32 Preset positions per Patrol (total Patrols & Patterns = 16 – total Preset positions = 400)
  • 800 feet + for Video & Power when connected to any Enviro Cams NVR
  • Built-In 32Gb non-removable SD Storage.
  • 3-6mm Motorized Zoom Lens (2X Zoom) – 16X Digital Zoom
  • Smart Infrared LED’s – up to 325′ distance
  • -40 to +140 degrees (F) Temperature Range
  • IP67 Outdoor Weatherproof Rating (great for indoors too)
  • Day/Night operation (with IR Cut Filter)

To get more information on the IP PTZ Bullet Camera, contact one of our Design Engineer toll-free 866-264-0041 or stop by our website at envirocams.com