Commercial Gate & Door Video Intercom Access Control System (VIDCOMM)

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How about answering the door and seeing who is there without being at the door? Here at EnvrioCams, that is what we have done by using our VIDCOMM doorbell intercom system. We have installed one of these at our delivery door to see who is at the door and talk to them through the computer or our cell phones. A tiny screen pops up on our PC or cell phone and shows us who is there, and with the speaker microphone system, we can talk to the delivery person to let them know we are on our way to open the door for them. 

The Rugged Cams Gate & Door Intercom System is the perfect vandal-proof device for your gate, for the delivery door at restaurants, Offices, Warehouses, and any place that you have deliveries or visitors. See wide-angle High Definition Video of who is there, answer it on your PC, your Smart Phone or a Tablet – from anywhere in the World! Then choose to remotely open the door or gate right from your phone or PC. The VIDCOMM works great with access control keypad and reader pedestals.

This innovative device will play a doorbell chime on your phone or PC – Or Even A VOIP Phone – and you can speak two-way to the visitor, then decide to activate one of three relays that can be connected to a Gate Opener, Lights, or any other device that you need to activate.

All of this interaction is being recorded either on your PC or your phone. It can even be recorded on your IP NVR if you decide to connect it.

You can look at the video anytime you want – even if no one is there or has pushed the doorbell button.

This Vandal-Proof Door & Gate Intercom System can be positioned to look in any direction and be locked in that direction, not to be moved. It gives you High Definition IP Video with a 1.3 Megapixel Day/Night Infrared Camera and has crystal clear audio as well.

This Ruggedized Gate & Door Intercom System comes complete with a 3-output Relay Box that can be as far away as 30 feet from the Doorbell Device. We provide a 6 ft. RJ45 cable to go from the relay box to the doorbell, or you can choose a 25 ft. cable instead.

This device can be powered by 48V POE or with 12V DC – your choice.

This device can transmit up to 328 feet over CAT5/6 (which is plenty inside a business or building) or paired with our Long Range Wireless System either to 6500 feet or up to 9800 feet. These wireless Transmitters/Receivers need Line-of-Sight and will not work in wooded areas or with other obstructions in the way.

If you are using this at the back door or delivery door of a business, you would simply need to connect it to your WiFi so that it can reach your PC VOIP Phone or Smart Phone anywhere you are (even worldwide over the Internet).

If you are opening a gate, you can simply connect two wires to your gate opener from the Relay Box. Suppose you are connecting to lighting or other high voltage devices. In that case, you will need a low to high voltage interface (the Relay Box can operate without any voltage – which is a “Contact Closure” that many gates use, or it can provide 12V DC up to 1 amp for any 12V Device. A Relay Contactor can be used for High Voltage devices – quickly found on the Internet).

NOTE: DO NOT USE POE AND a 12V Power Supply together. POE supplies a 12V DC output if needed.

This device has so many features that it’s hard to list everything here. See our Spec Sheet and Manual for more information about this convenient device designed to let you see Visitors before deciding to let them in.

Warranty and Tech Support

The Vandal Proof Gate and Door Intercom System come with a 1-years warranty, with unlimited tech support for life. We also have a tech-support page on our website with lots of how-to videos. On our tech support page, you may also see video from the vandal-proof gate and door intercom system, along with all the IP cameras and systems we offer. 

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