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Bullet Cam Prepper Pack

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Dome Cam Prepper Pack

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Bullet Cam Prepper Pack

Domes Sold Out

Dome Cam Prepper Pack


What makes these Prepper friendly?

  • These kits can be ran completely on 12V power.
  • Each camera can be powered independently by its own power source.
  • The wireless options allow for quick installation and simple disassembly. In the case you need to bug-out you can take your surveillance system with you.
  • The cameras are weatherproof with a working temprature of 14*F to 131*F.
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When People Get Desperate
People get stupid

We all saw or heard about the fights that broke out over the last roll of toilet paper during the COVID lock-down. Or about the guy who snapped and began shooting over having to wear a mask. In these uncertain times you can count on desperate people doing desperate things. Now’s the time to invest in your safety and that of your family.

5 easy ways to protect your home and property.