Top 10 Benefits of Installing IP Security Cameras at Your Restaurant / Bar

16 and 32 channel NVR

No matter what kind of business you own, protecting it is one of your top priorities. What is the best way to make sure all is going well? Installing a surveillance system to monitor and protect your restaurant or bar at all times. Here is a list of benefits to installing IP security cameras.

  1. Prevent Employee and Customer Theft. With cameras placed throughout the building, employees are less likely to try and steal cash or food, or give away food to customers. There is also the old “dine and dash” routine that some customers will attempt. Security cameras will protect your business from loss in a variety of ways.
  2. Restaurants and bars can be a busy and crowded atmosphere, and it makes it an easy target for fraudulent lawsuits. Cameras reduce the chances of someone setting up a “spill and slip” accident and false injury claims.
  3. Preventing over-pouring is another big one in bars. By having cameras keeping an eye on tables and the bar area, you will prevent loss from over-pouring from employees looking to make a better tip.
  4. Fights are common, especially in bars. High definition cameras will reduce fights and identify responsible parties when violence does occur.
  5. According to the Equal Opportunity Commission, there are 10,000 sexual harassment cases annually, with harassment claims of $43 million. Not only will you be protecting your employees, you will curb incidence, as well as provide evidence for court if something like this should occur in your place of business.
  6. Cameras boost productivity significantly. Having a security system monitoring your restaurant at all times can motivate employees, and management can spend more of their time on other beneficial tasks.
  7. Work safety plays a huge factor in restaurants and bars. In 2011, 17% of fatal work injuries were due to workplace violence, which is the equivalent of 780 fatal work injuries a year. Not only will surveillance in the workplace discourage acts of violence, it will aid law enforcement in solving violent crimes.
  8. Monitor your restaurant and kitchen. Like mentioned before, workplace safety is a big deal, but not only that, cameras help keep your facility up to municipal health codes.
  9. Check your footage anytime. With advanced camera systems like IP cameras using a NVR (network video recorder), you can broadcast footage over the internet, allowing you to check on your restaurant/bar at any time. With chain restaurant this is especially helpful for checking in on more than one location while not being there physically.
  10. Burglary and vandalism can happen to anyone, and keeping your business secure during closing hours is another very important reason to install a security system. It will send you alerts directly to your phone when an alarm is triggered and keep you aware of what is going on at all times. Sleep easy at night knowing you are covered.

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