How to Waylay Criminals - A Three Fold Approach

Try to take a three-fold approach to deter, detect, and delay.

Deterring criminals always starts with good locks and solid entry points, but it also includes things like having plenty of alarm signs and stickers places at access and cash-points. Having an alarm system may not stop criminals from breaking in, but it does make them change their plans to a hurried “smash -and -grab” type of an operation because of the minimal time at the site with a blaring alarm going off.

Make sure that there are two or more cameras watching vulnerable areas or cash-points from different angles. If criminals know that they will be recorded on one camera while attempting to disable or vandalize another, they will move on to an easier target. Hiding some of your cameras is ok, but you want to be sure that criminals notice the cams you want them to see.

Detect them with motion lighting, alarms, and motion-based camera systems that can notify you if a particular door is open or even if the alarm is triggered.

Delay them with a hardened entry point and high-security locks. The longer they think it will take to breach your security and get out, the more they will be inclined to move on to another business that looks like an easier target.

With an IP camera security system, there are all types of features like: built-in Microphone, and Smart Analytics to help you determine when someone is in an area, they shouldn’t be. Other Smart Features include Intelligent Identification, such as Face Detection (not to be confused with Facial Recognition), which can not only detect faces but saves them and can line them up as if in a Police lineup, so that you can review the visitors for a particular time and replay the associated footage of them in it.

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