Pharmacy Security Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

There is a high demand for security cameras in pharmacies and drug stores. No matter how big or small or where your pharmacy is located, the potential for theft is very high. When a burglar breaks into a pharmacy, they aren’t looking for money, but more likely narcotics. They are willing to go to extreme measures to get them.  Prescription drugs are the second most abused category of drugs in the U.S. according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and prescription drug abuse is even considered an epidemic, according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

A burglar will use any means possible to break-in, busting through glass front doors, drive-thru windows, and even though the building itself like the ceiling or walls. Armed robbery is another significant threat to consider.  Storefront glass is one of the most important places to protect against burglars who will try the smash and grab approach. Almost 50% of burglaries reported to Pharmacists Mutual occur through the front of the store. There are a couple of ways to physically protect the glass from being broken into, like laminated glass, which has many layers of glass and laminate, thus making it shatterproof.   Another approach is steel retractable security gates that will deter criminals.

 Even with an alarm system, they are usually in and out in about 45 to 60 seconds, way before law enforcement has time to show up. With an IP camera system, there is motion detection and alarms that can be triggered and sent directly to your phone as soon as a perpetrator enters your building. This will give you clear evidence you would need to catch the criminal.

There are many other benefits of installing a security camera system in your pharmacy or drugstore, like protecting your staff and employees. This will also keep an eye on your employees from stealing. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 46% of thefts from pharmacies are from employees, that’s almost half!

Take the necessary precautions needed to protect your business. Please don’t wait for it to happen! We can design the perfect camera security system for your layout that is both durable and cost-effective. Contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free 866-264-0041 or stop by our website