Laser Light Up to 1600 Feet! The Lazer Infared IP PTZ Camera

Laz-Ir | EnviroCams

The Laz/IR Laser Infrared IP PTZ is primarily designed for outdoor use, and with three great ways to light up the night, you cannot go wrong with this network IP PTZ camera. One way is the onboard laser infrared module, the second way is the infrared lamps that are controlled via Smart IR, and the third way is the Starlight mode.

Here are a few benefits of having the laser infrared module, the module will zoom and narrows in synch with the 33X zoom lens, so they work in tandem to make sure that the area you are trying to see, is illuminated, even if it is more than a 1/4 mile away or further. This feature works great to see a gate more than a quarter of a mile away or to see down a fence line that stretches hundreds and hundreds of feet.

The Laz/IR also has regular Infrared Lamps onboard for illuminating people or objects that are closer to the cameras as well. So it is not only an excellent long-distance camera – but a tremendous close-in camera as well. The IR lamps are controlled via Smart IR, which controls the brightness based on the picture; if something is too close and starts glaring too much white in the image, it turns down the light.

You can turn off the laser and the infrared LEDs and go stealth with the Starlight feature. In this mode, the PTZ will use any light around it no matter how small and turn the night time picture into a colored one.

There are so many more features to this IP PTZ camera that we can’t cover them all, so we suggest stopping by our website or calling one of our Design Engineers here at EnviroCams toll-free 866-264-0041.