i-Patrol 2 Megapixel Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) IP Bullet Camera System

Bullet Camera | EnviroCams

The i-Patrol IP bullet camera is hiding a fantastic ability; it is actually a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera. The small, high-quality Italian Stepper Motors is what turns the IP bullet camera into a PTZ IP Bullet.

This camera is excellent for down hallways or to be used at a corner, because it can turn 250 degrees, and can go 50 degrees up and 50 degrees down (100 degrees total). Pan speed is up to 30 degrees per second, and tilt speed is up to 10 degrees per second.

It controls just like any PTZ, thru our NVR (EnviroCams NVR), your mouse can manipulate the on-screen controls or even by your phone or tablet. Plus it can be programmable for patrol, patterns and up to 400 preset positions.

This incredible PTZ IP bullet camera also has a built-in 32Gb of internal memory (eMMC type); it works just like a removable SD Card. You can use it to record when the camera is in stand-alone mode (powered via 12v DC), or it can be used as Emergency recording when POE power is interrupted (then upon re-connection, it will automatically upload the recordings to the NVR).

Another outstanding feature of this camera is that the video, power, and audio over standard Cat5e or Cat6 when connected to our NVR or POE Switch up to 820ft.

This camera has a 3mm – 6mm motorized zoom lens (2x zoom) with 16x digital zoom, along with smart infrared LEDs with a distance up to 325ft.

To see the i-Patrol PTZ IP bullet camera in action look up the video on our website, then call one of our sales engineers here at EnviroCams toll-free 866-264-0041 to order yours today.