Enviro Cams Introduces Revolutionary New IP Systems

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These are NOT your Father’s IP Cameras Enviro Cams is introducing a complete line of Revolutionary new IP cameras and NVR’s that we think will change the way you think about IP systems. First, Enviro Cams IP Systems are Plug-N-Play simple. No lengthy addressing or setup will be needed. Just plug the camera in, and within a minute you will have a picture and all of the networking and addressing will have been accomplished automatically. Next, Enviro Cams guarantees that each camera will operate out to at least 820 feet (250 Meters) with Power AND Video. Long Distances will no longer be a problem. (PTZ’s will need to be powered closer to the camera). Plus, all of our cameras will be rated to IP67 standards, and will be completely water and weatherproof. Our cameras will also be rated down to 40 degrees below zero!! So throw any weather or any environment at us – we’ll handle it no problem. Stay tuned for more exciting features and benefits of Enviro Cams as we introduce these cameras and systems in the coming weeks. Enviro Cams has engineered some exciting new equipment, and we will continue to engineer the best