Commander-30 Infrared IP Starlight Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Commander PTZ Camera | EnviroCams

The Commander-30 Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera has lots of great and unique features, and we are going to showcase a couple of different features today. This PTZ has the ability to be program to run up to as many as 16 patrols and 16 patterns. The patterns can be as long as 15 minutes. There is also the ability to have as many as 256 preset positions with a home position that it will return to after a time you have set. The patrols, patterns, and preset positions are essential tools to use for watching over your property or facility.

The Commander-30 has a hidden feature, and that is the Micro SD Card that can be purchased separately (pre-formatted for use in the camera). The SD Card can be used as a stand-alone recording or as an emergency back-up recording if POE power is cut. When POE is restored, the card will automatically download all the recording to the NVR. With this feature, you can have peace of mind that you will not be unprotected when loss of power happens.

The Commander-30 is meant for longer distances. With a 30X zoom lens (4.5mm – 135mm) it works great anywhere you put it. For example: indoors like a warehouse or plant floor environments. Outdoor locations like at a gate, a driveway, restricted areas, or building entrance.
The Infrared LED lamps onboard can deliver invisible infrared light out to almost 500 feet on a moonless night. Plus they are controlled via Smart IR, which controls the brightness based on the picture. If something is to close and starts glaring to much white in the picture, it turns down the brightness.

The Commander-30 IP Camera has lots more features that you can check out on our website or call one of our knowledgeable sales engineer at 866-264-0041.