3 Reasons Why You Should Choose an IP Bullet Security Camera

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Why choose an IP Bullet Camera for your business or home, and where is the best place to install them? A bullet camera is the better choice for an outdoor security camera. They generally have a better video range for areas like parking lots, fields, or even backyards. More noticeable, that in itself may deter someone from committing a crime. Easier to install in places like the front door, backyard, off-street windows, or anywhere outdoors. 

The N-Range and the N-Range-4K IP bullet camera are our most popular cameras.



3 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Them:

    They are IP67 weatherproof rated for the harshest weather for outdoor locations, with a wide temperature rating of a -31 degree to a +140 degree Fahrenheit.

    When installing at a front door, you can have an alarm input and output and the additional capability to add a two-way audio speaker and microphone to talk with a person.
    One of the best features of these cameras is its ability to plug-n-play. As a result of using our NVR or switch is the added benefit of power and video up to 800 feet!


The difference between the two IP Bullet cameras is in the lens. The N-Range is a 2 Megapixel Motorized varifocal 2.8 – 12mm zoom Lens with Infrared. The N-Range-4K is an 8 Megapixel Motorized varifocal 2.8 – 12mm zoom Lens with Infrared. 

For more information on our IP bullet cameras, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-264-0041.