Security Camera Product Spotlight

Each month we select a few products to highlight. Take a look at this month’s best IP security camera products!

NVR | EnviroCams

8 Channel NVR

EnviroCams makes the best Network Video Recorders you will find. We make sure that you will enjoy trouble-free operation at all times, and we promise that you will not have any of the problems that commonly plague other Recorders.


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The 2.8mm Fixed Lens is Super Wide (90 degrees), and is best used where the area being watched is close. For example, when watching a door entry or exit – the area that will be in best focus is approximately 8-12 feet out. Anything farther out still looks great, but the best focus is within that 8-12 feet.

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OUTPOST 10X | EnviroCams


The Outpost-10X Camera has a long Lens (10 times zoom), with Electric Zoom, so when you need to see hundreds of feet, like out to a gate, for example, the Outpost is perfect for it.

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