Security Camera Systems & Custom Solutions for Manufacturing Operations

Our Systems can transmit video & audio up to 820′ ft over cat5/cat6 cable without repeaters

We can also custom build a system tailored to your needs just give us a call


Need long range wireless? We can do that too!

We have the Equipment to build 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and even 128+ cameras systems.


All custom systems include the following

  • Wireless Mouse for Recorder
  • HDMI Monitor Cable
  • Ethernet Cable for Network Connection
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • Free Shipping

The floor plan below is manufacturing facility from one of our customers that was having a problem with inventory loss.  They knew that it was happening from inside, but without cameras, they had no way of proving what was truly happening.

Manufacturing Plants like this, and even assembly plants, find out pretty quickly that security cameras can reap many other benefits, not just in theft control.

For example, safety can be improved simply by watching to make sure that machine guards are in place, and that safety protocols are not being bypassed.  Unsafe behavior stands out on video.

Time studies are easy with cameras in the right place, and it is also easy to see how to improve ergonomics when assembly points are studied.  All of these things lead to improved productivity and better profits.

For this particular plant, we designed a 27 Camera HD System to monitor both inside the production areas and to monitor the entry/exit and shipping doors.  Many times our Design Engineers will specify a Recorder with more camera channels than needed, simply to make it easy to add additional cameras in the future.

Call our Design Engineers to have them design a Custom System for your property or facility.  They can work from pictures, Google Earth, and even napkin sketches.

We can usually design and ship a complete system within 24 hours.


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