Intelligent / Smart Security Camera Systems

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Intelligent Security Cameras

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Smart Security Cameras can provide:

Motion Detection, Motion Tracking, Line Crossing, Object Removal for starters!



Installing intelligent security cameras isn’t as complicated as it may sounds. If you can use a screwdriver you can do it. You simply place your smart security camera in the area you need intelligent security monitoring.


Smart Analytics Setup

This is where you select the type of intelligent camera monitoring system you need and set up triggers and alerts. Our smart camera systems are easy to set up but we’re here if you have any questions.



This is the best part! Once you have your intelligent security camera monitoring system installed and set up you can breathe easier knowing your have a eye on it 24/7 with automatic alerts if anything isn’t quite right.

24/7 Monitoring and Alert Triggers

Having an intelligent security camera that can detect motion or line crossing isn’t that helpful unless it is smart enough to trigger an alert and notify you that something is not quite right. The EnviroCam line of intelligent security cameras comes with the built-in ability to set up triggers and alerts for many of the smart features.

Intelligent Security Camera Monitoring Features

Line Crossing

Be notified when someone or something crosses a barrier or enters forbidden areas

This smart camera feature is pretty easy to understand and even easier to setup. You simply draw a line with the built-in tools and setup a trigger to alert you that someone or something has crossed a barrier or entered into forbidden zones are areas. this is a great safety compliance tool or a security monitoring tool to alert security staff.

Object Removal

Be notified when objects are removed from designated areas

Object Removal truly is an intelligent feature of our smart security cameras. Inside the analytic software you can “teach” your smart camera to monitor high value items. Essentially,  it can learn your environment and alert you when objects you have identified as high value items are removed. This a very valuable tool for displays and product showrooms or museums and art galleries.

Motion Detection

Be notified when something moves

We are all familiar with motion detectors that can turn on lights. Our intelligent security camera system can be setup to trigger the network video recorder to start recording, and/or send an alert notifying you that there is activity in the area you are monitoring.

Heat Mapping

Monitor and identify traffic patterns

The heat mapping feature is a very useful tool for retailers to monitor traffic patterns and identify high traffic areas. This is also useful for employers to monitor the amount of time employees stay in a particular area. Heat mapping can provide valuable information for those looking to identify potential hazards or optimize processes and productivity.

There many other amazing things our smart cameras can do like privacy blocking and motion tracking.
For more information on our intelligent security camera monitoring system and features give us a call! We would be happy to answer any questions.