Entrance Security & License Plate Camera System

The Entrance Guard is an outdoor entrance security camera system for documenting vehicle traffic entering and/or exiting subdivisions, remote sites, gated communities, gated entries, parking lots and other non-manned sites.

The Entrance Guard

Entrance Security Camera / License Plate Camera System

Color Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras with WiFi Recorder Access



If you need a record of everyone that enters or leaves your Subdivision, Lot, Gated Property or a Remote Site, then our new stand-alone High Definition Entrance Guard Systems is an easy option.

This unique outdoor Enviro Cams IP System is state-of-the-art and records real time at 1080p HD (or higher), and can use H.265+ to reduce file sizes and archive retention (half the archive space size of regular H.265)

What’s more, it has a built-in WiFi Hot Spot so that connecting with the system is as easy as pulling your vehicle within 100 feet of the system and using a laptop to completely control the system.  You can look through the recorded archives to find vehicles recorded during a certain time frame, you can set the recording schedules and other settings.

We give you two pieces of software:  The first, the EnviroCams Guard Station is for any Windows laptop, and gives you complete access and control of the system.  You can set any analytics, recording schedules or even download archives of individual vehicles or blocks of time for later review.

The next piece of software is an Enviro Cams App for your phone or tablet, called Guard Viewer, which allows you to view Live and Recorded footage.  It also can control PTZ’s, or can even record any footage you are watching or reviewing.


Entrance Security Camera System DIY Kits or Factory Built Kits

triple DIY kit
Triple Lane DIY Kit

  We are offering these systems in several configurations as DIY Kits or complete Pre-Built factory systems

However, if you need a special configuration with more cameras, or even self-protection cameras that can record anyone that attempts to tamper with the system or cameras, just contact our Engineers.  Depending on the area, your system may be vulnerable to damage.  After all, to get the best views and to keep the License Tags in view for the longest periods, these cameras are mounted low enough that vandals could attempt to damage them.

  The heart of this system is our unique Outdoor NVR System, called the RV-5 from Enviro Cams.  This 8 channel NVR can expand to include multiple lanes, self-protection cameras and more.

Dual Lane One-Pole

  As standard on our DIY Kits and Pre-Built factory systems, are two necessary cameras for each lane.

First, the License Tag Capture camera, which is Enviro Cams’ TagShot-IP, is an HD-IP camera that records at 1080p, and has an electric 5-50mm long range lens that can be electrically zoomed to capture the exact width you need to detect license plates on a single lane of traffic.  This “High Contrast” License Tag Camera is built for just one job – to capture License Plate numbers.  Therefore, it only sees in Black & White (uses Infrared LED’s both Day & Night), and works best when it is situated no more than 30 degrees to the side and no more than 30 degrees above the plates it will be capturing.  Of course, the correct way to setup a Tag camera, is to position it down lower and with the flow of traffic so that the License Plate is in view for the longest time (thus, more captured frames of the tag). 

  This camera needs to be within 50 feet of the vehicle (15 meters).  Of course, the closer the better.  It also works best when the vehicles are traveling at no more than 30-35 mph (approx. 50 kph).

  The next camera, is the Enviro Cams N-Range Bullet IP Infrared Camera, with an electric 2.8mm to 12mm Zoom Lens at 1080p.  This “Overview” camera is used to record other information that will be needed to accompany the License Plate Reader camera, such as:  vehicle color, possibly a driver and passenger (depending on window tinting and sun glare), as well as any signage on the vehicle or numbers on trailers.

  The system records video from any and all cameras.  There is a time and date stamp on each.  To search for vehicles, enter a time to start and a time to end and scroll through the archives at whatever speed you desire.  When you see a suspicious vehicle, download the footage from all cameras that recorded it.

  The entire system only needs one 110 volt 15/20 amp circuit.  The Cameras are POE powered.

Any second monitoring locations will need to be wired via CAT5/6 (up to 820 feet away), and if you cannot wire to them because they are across a road, for example, you will probably need a second system.  However, if the second set of cameras is at least 100 feet away, we can make the second set wireless back to the home system (line of sight is a must).  We can even cover another 3rd Entrance/Exit if the conditions are right.  Call our Engineers for your exact needs.


These kits are great if you already have a pole or a building like a guard station to mount the system to.

Pre-built factory kits

We pre-build and wire all cameras and the Outdoor NVR System on a pole or poles.  All wires are hidden and protected. 

EGS dual lane entry or gate system 2 poles