Pre-Packaged Residential Camera Systems

Designed for fast & easy do it yourself installation

We can also custom build a system tailored to your needs just give us a call


We have the Equipment to build  4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and even 128+ cameras systems.

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Custom Designed
Systems include:

Wireless mouse

all required cables

Custom Residential Home Security Camera System Design

The floor plan below is a residential home layout from one of our customers. This new home build gave the owner the opportunity to pre-wire the entire property, including some wiring for possible future camera expansion.The owners wanted to make sure that they not only had adequate monitoring for the home’s exterior, but that all doors and entryways were covered, and inside the home had a central camera that could see the main areas of travel in the house.In addition, the owners stated that they had plans for a pool and other play equipment in the backyard, so we installed a PTZ camera that can continually scan the areas for safety and protection.We designed a 12 Camera HD System to monitor both inside and outside of the home.  Many times our Design Engineers will specify a Recorder with more camera channels than needed, simply to make it easy to add additional cameras in the future.Call our Design Engineers to have them design a Custom System for your property or facility.  They can work from pictures, Google Earth, and even napkin sketches.

We can usually design and ship a complete system within 24 hours.