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Overview & License Tag Capture System Cameras with WiFi Recorder Access

Outdoor IP System for Documenting Vehicular Traffic Entering/Exiting Subdivisions, Remote Sites, Gated Entries, Lots, and other Non-Manned Sites.

Pre-Built Factory Kits on Pole(s) – We pre-build and wire all cameras and the Outdoor NVR System on a pole or poles. All wires are hidden and protected. These poles are very easy to install as they are designed to be buried in a 3′ deep hole (just add concrete). A Power Junction box is supplied at ground level.

 (NOTE: All pre-built systems come standard built on a 9 foot (5-inch square) white or Dark Bronze pole (6 feet above the ground and 3 feet buried). Strong Poles make these poles. If you need a higher pole, add $39 per foot.)

Dual Lane/Entry or Gate System – Prebuilt on two poles 

Main System and two cameras on one pole – then two cameras on second pole – (Part# EGSPB-2)

8 Channel RV-5 Outdoor IP System with four cameras (One Overview N-Range Cameras, and One TagShot-IP License Plate Capture Camera on the central system pole, and One Overview N-Range Camera and One TagShot-IP License Plate Capture Camera on a separate pole– all pre-built on two 9 foot, (5-inch square) buriable poles). Contact us with the length of cables between the two poles, and if you need standard or buriable cables. Also, contact us if you need any unique configuration.

For more information on the subdivision license tag capture systems, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-264-0041 or stop by our website envirocams.com